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Episode 21 – Michael Gnade, Indie Game Stand

Mike Gnade

This week I’m joined Mike Gnade, from Indie  Game Stand, a site to discover a new indie game every few days. Developers can upload their wares while consumers can purchase the latest and greatest indie games at an affordable price.Unlike many competitions, this platforms offer a monthly subscription service which gets consumers 20% off the price of the title, and includes 7 games each month.

Benjamin Briggs

All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs.

Episode 01 – Samantha Kalman, Timbre Interactive

Samantha Kalman

On the first episode of the Indie Dev Podcast, I interview Samantha Kalaman of Timbre Interactive. Follow along as she illustrates how she got her start by working with Unity in Denmark, before returning to her hometown of Seattle to take a job at Amazon. All the while she kept her dream project alive, and has finally brought Sentris to Kickstarter.

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All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs.

Benjamin Briggs