Episode 22 – David Catuhe, BabylonJS

David Catuhe

David Catuhe is a Principal Program Manager on Microsoft’s TED team in Redmond. He is also one of the master -minds behind the open source WebGL framework, BabylonJS.

WebGL has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and Babylon continues to iterate with it. As mobile browsers continue to add support for WebGL, we will see more developers go from writing native applications to hybrid web-apps.

Join us as we talk about the current state of WebGL, in addition to his thoughts on asm.js and of course VR.

NOTE: Sorry about the questionable audio quality. I’ve got to sort this out. I use a USB Icicle to a professional XLR mic but my recording always have issues. I’ve tried two different recording programs, on both OS X and WIidows.

Benjamin Briggs

All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs.


Episode 17 – Illyriad Games


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Illyriad (ih-lih-re-ad) Games is an independent studio based across three continents. Realizing that WebGL isn’t just a pipe dream, they’ve built their latest game on it. Their lcurrent title, Age of Ascent, is built on a custom WebGL engine, and is using Azure as a backend, with the ability to scale to 50k+ concurrent users.

Joining me tonight are CTO, Ben Adams, and CEO, James Niesewand. We discuss what it’s like to manage a small team of developers across 3 continents, the importance of managing every last bit of processing power, when it comes to a game that scales to this size, and performance implications across browsers.


Benjamin Briggs

All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs.